Our School Rules

Expectations of children in school

  • Show respect to each other and to all staff; be kind and polite.
  • Look after your own things, school things and other people’s things.
  • Speak kindly to each other and to all adults.
  • Remember to use please and thankyou.
  • Say, “Stop that! I don’t like it!”, if someone is doing something that you don’t like.
  • Please use your voice to ask for help if you need it.
  • Use kind hand/feet (younger children); Respect other peoples’ personal space. (Older children)
  • Once an incident has been dealt with, draw a line and move on.
  • Be honest and tell the truth.
  • Treat all adults with the same respect – we all care about you!

Expectations of all adults in school

  • To treat all pupils equally, fairly and with respect.
  • To create a safe and positive environment.
  • To use rules and sanctions clearly and consistently.
  • To be a good role model.
  • To aim to form a good relationship with parents so that all pupils can see that key adults in their lives share a common goal.
  • To recognise that each pupil is an individual.
  • To promote our school values.
  • To communicate clearly so things don’t escalate and staff can manage incidents as quickly as possible.