Dosbarth Glas

Croeso I Dosbarth Glas.

Welcome to Blue Class.

Our class comprises of learners in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 and we work in a lovely, large double classroom at the top end of the school. Miss Jones is our class teacher and Mrs Spooner supports in our class every morning and some afternoons. We have a stage not age approach in our class, as this ensures that every child is working at a suitable level of challenge for them in order to make progress on their learning journey. We tend to split the children to work in different groups for the morning sessions and then come together as a class to work for the afternoon sessions.

A typical timetable in Dosbarth Glas looks like this:

9:00-9:10Mental mathsMental mathsMental mathsMental mathsMental maths
9:10- 10:00MathsMathsMathsMathsMaths
10:00-10:10Break timeBreak timeBreak timeBreak timeBreak time
10:30-11:30English-Oracy/Writing focusEnglish- Reading and handwriting focusEnglish- Oracy/Writing focusEnglish-  Reading and basic skills focusEnglish-  Oracy/Writing focus
11:30- 12:00WelshWelshSpelling tests
1:00-1:10Register/ Everyday WelshRegister/ Everyday WelshRegister/ Everyday WelshRegister/ Everyday WelshRegister/ Everyday Welsh
2:00- 3:00Topic  TopicTopicJigsawTopic
3:00- 3:15Class novelClass novelClass novelClass novelClass novel


Our topic for the Spring Term is Around the World. In English, we will be looking at the Novels Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo or Shackleton’s Journey by William Grill. The writing genres both groups will be focusing on are journey stories and biographies.

Topic afternoons consist of a broad and wide range of areas and subjects such as Health and Wellbeing, Expressive Arts, Science and Technology, Humanities and Religion, Values and Ethics as well as the cross curricular skills of literacy, numeracy and digital competence. As part of our Around the World topic, we will doing lots of exciting activities such as:

· Planning, designing and cooking our own balanced meals and looking at nutrition, table manners and reversable and irreversible changes as part of this.

· How landmass has changed over time, how the continents have formed, tectonic plates, how physical distinctive features have formed and this will link in with our Religion, Values and Ethics focus which will be looking at different religious and non-religious creation stories leading into the children creating their own creation story based on their beliefs abd values.

· Music- We will be doing a module called ‘You’ve Got a Friend in Me’ linked with our class novels.

· Jigsaw lessons will focus on dreams and goals and healthy me.

· This term, we will be having Aura Sport in to provide our PE lesson.

P.E. and forest school

P.E. for our class will be on a Tuesday afternoon. Forest school sessions with Mrs O’ Neill will be every other Friday which I’m sure the children will really enjoy. We ask that pupils come in their P.E. kit on a Tuesday and forest school clothing on a Friday instead of wearing their school uniform on that day

P.E. outdoor / indoor kit- Navy shorts, a plain yellow t-shirt (no collar), trainers, plain navy or black jogging bottoms, a school jumper or a plain black/navy jumper can be worn in cold weather.

The following health and safety rules need to be applied:

· Long hair needs to be tied back

· No jewellery, aside from stud ear-rings, should be worn to school. On PE day, it is easier for everyone if they are removed (If ears have just been pierced studs will be covered with micropore tape for the lesson)

· Verrucas need to be covered for gym or dance, where bare feet are required.

· A written note, text or email is needed to excuse a pupil from P.E.

Forest school clothing-Old clothes that you don’t mind getting mucky. A change of shoes to wear to do forest schools in a carrier bag please. (Old trainers, walking boots or wellies in wet weather)


Our pupils are becoming older and more mature as they move through years 3, 4,5 and 6 ,and so we aim to promote independence and responsibility in completing their homework.

Typically, a week’s worth of homework in this class will comprise of:

· Spelling practice- New spellings are given on a Friday and they are due in the following Friday. The children are expected to practice their spellings 5 times.

· Reading a minimum of 3 times a week- This is set on a Monday and due in the following Monday.

· SumDog homework which will vary according to your child’s year group- This is set on a Friday and due in the following Friday.

Everyone is encouraged to record homework in their homework diary/reading record, including when it is set and when it is due. We aim to foster independence at this age.

Reading at home

In our class, we aim to foster a love of reading. We regularly talk about books, recommend books to each other and tweet the authors of the books we have read. Reading three times a week at home is the expected minimum, and this can be done with parents/guardians, family members, older siblings or independently if your child is a fluent reader. Additional Dojos will be awarded for those who read more!

Every pupil has an individual staged reading book that matches their reading age and they are encouraged prioritise reading that as this will enable them to move through the reading stages as their reading age progresses. In between, they can also read a library book from our school library, the local library or any

book, newspaper, comic, magazine or E-book that they are interested in. Readers who are on the colour stages (Dark blue, dark red or black) or beyond may read independently and record in their reading record themselves, although even able readers need extending with the help of an adult. Readers who are on the numbered stages (1-15) are advised to be supported by an adult whilst reading and to help write in the reading record.

Choice is important, and pupils are allowed free choice of book within the stage they are on. Reading records are monitored throughout the week and your child will be encouraged to read if they haven’t done so. Reading three times a week will be set on a Monday and is due in the following Monday.

Pen licence

From Year 3 onwards, pupils can earn a “pen licence”. This encourages them to strive towards neat handwriting and presentation. Once a pen licence has been awarded, they are given a handwriting pen to use. We ask that if your child loses their pen, that another handwriting pen, preferably blue ink, is supplied from home.

Pencil cases

A pencil case is allowed to further encourage responsibility. However, in order to discourage distraction in class we ask that only basic equipment is provided such as HB pencils, a rubber, a sharpener, a ruler, coloured pencils and a pen if a licence has been given. It is also worth noting that it has to fit in a narrow tray – some pencil cases are huge! We have equipment readily available on every table for children to use in school.

Medical issues and contact details

Please inform the office of any contact details that have changed, including email addresses and mobile numbers. It is very important that school know of any medical changes or issues. This includes food allergies/intolerances, the use of inhalers or any regular medication. If medication needs to be taken, a short- or long-term medicine form needs to be filled in which you can get at the school office.

Please note that parents are responsible for keeping medication such as inhalers up to date.