School Council

We are the School Council.

Gethin is Chairperson, Sian is Vice Chairperson and Rheya is the secretary.

We met in the Autumn Term and decided we wanted to :

· support The British Heart Foundation as a charity

· split the school in to houses

· look at the waste we produce as a school

· improve wet play equipment

· zone the yard at playtimes to make the yard safer for smaller children

· have more sport

· have more board games such as Chess and puzzles

· introduce the daily mile

So far we have:

· chosen names for our four new houses based on Welsh princes. We even researched their names and history

· Our names are Llewellyn, Merfyn, Gwenllian and Glyndwr you can find out more about them on our Houses page.

· In January Aura Sport will be holding a lunch time club for junior children every Tuesday and they will be teaching PE.

· We have entered 3 festivals for the spring term so far

· British Heart Week is in June so we will be holding a fundraising event then

Look our for more information posted on our page after each meeting

Members of the School Council are: